Assess Strategize Plan

The Beacon Grace team helps bring a fresh look, fresh insight, and fresh solutions to your supply chain problem, pain point, or challenge.

We thrive on creative problem-solving and functional innovation.

It is normal to come accustomed to daily business and to develop mental blindspots.  But, the Beacon Grace team can help interrupt those mental blindspots.  Sometimes we might challenge you. Sometimes, we might guide you to newly discovering what you and your team already know.  With the experience and insight our team brings, and through true collaboration, we come up with great solutions!

Suggested Projects

  • Micro and Macro Optimization
  • Process Improvement
  • Operational Cost Reduction Audits
  • Risk Assessment: Fraud, Waste, & Abuse
  • Independent Audit, Validation & Verifications (IV&V)
  • Business Process Review
  • Solution Selection
  • Strategic Planning Workshops
  • High-Level Strategy & Planning
  • Concentrated Think Tank Retreats