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Connecting People Through Technology

We display your information on a centrally located TV or monitor and provide additional tools to better connect with employees or clients. We work with any size organization that is seeking a sensible solution to improve their communication results by utilizing digital signage software.

Easy to Use

Simple to set-up, easy to use, designed for all levels of users.


Piece together to fit your needs, no matter how minimal or complex.


Customer-centric features and services that drive the industry.

(Project support may be supplemented by a trusted partner.)


Manufacturing, Transportation, Communities, Healthcare, Non-Profits,

Business, Private Clubs, Hospitality, Public Service, and Education

Employee Information Boards 

  • Display interdepartmental communication

  • Scroll scheduled messages and notices

  • Post a calendar of company events and training

  • Display local time, date and weather

KPI Boards

  • Easily communicate with your production staff

  • Display safety and HR messages

  • Track the progression of various processes

  • Show multiple flyers and videos

Breakroom Boards 

  • Showcase your company and capabilities

  • Count up or down to important milestones

  • Easily communicate the value of your company

  • Display employee photos, birthdays and anniversaries

Lobby Boards

  • Showcase your products and services

  • Personally welcome clients and visitors

  • Show relevant stock and news information

  • Create a professional image for your company

Arrival/Departure Information Boards

  • Show arrival/departure and other important data

  • Display the latest news and weather

  • Apply directional elements for easy navigation

  • Post important notices and procedures

Company Bulletin Boards

  • Post external website information

  • Display a calendar of company events

  • Scroll messages, News, Stocks, or social media

  • Show logistics information

Communication Boards

  • Keep everyone informed on company progress

  • Display sales and other performance references

  • Create a dynamic communication channel

  • Show who is in/out of the facility

Information Boards

  • Inform people of meetings and events

  • Showcase events and opportunities

  • Scroll messages, quotes and news

  • Highlight the public service you provide


Mediastream Players

With fanless designs, Substantial solid-state hard-drives, multiple outputs, and fir-year warranties, our MediaStream Players are designed to stand up to the demands of commercial use and provide for future growth.


Our Standard Graphics Player- Full- System capabilities including all modules, weather, scrolling text, touchscreen, and full-motion video

Plug and Play

Easy to install and built to last


Our Xtreme Graphics Player- Designed for heavier graphic use including more full-motion video, multiple modules with full-motion video and 4k content

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