Dynamics 365 Operations


Project Operations Capabilities

Project Success

Everything you need to run your operations. Connect your teams from the initial quote to project accounting within a single application to win more deals, accelerate delivery, empower employees, and maximize profitability. 


Optimize Resource Utilization

Aline the right people with the right skills to the right projects improving quality and helping you retain top performers.

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Handle it all with proven technology

Take advantage of decades of Microsoft innovation across collaboration, business process, productivity, and project management technology that’s trusted by global businesses big and small and now built into Project Operations. Gain visibility across your organization for gleaning insights, eliminating data silos, and enhancing collaboration, and build your success on the proven cloud business applications of Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform.

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Simplify Time and Expense Reporting

the ability to submit, approve, process, and reconcile time and expenses from anywhere—for faster reimbursement and client billing.

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Scale and Grow Your Business

Be ready as your business evolves with the end-to-end solution that’s powerful on its own, but also easy to customize and extend. Whether you want to add on another Dynamics 365 application or a custom application built with Power Apps, everything works together and works like you expect because they share a common foundation—and the security, privacy, and compliance of a cloud-delivered solution.


Customer Satisfaction

Even complex projects are easier to manage when you can choose methods and tools that best suit your needs. From project portfolio management to optimizing end-to-end project operations—we have you covered.

 Future of Project Service Automation

Bringing capabilities from Project Service Automation (PSA), Microsoft Project, and the services industry module within Dynamics 365 Finance together in a single application. Dynamics 365 Project Operations delivers on that vision.

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