Dynamics 365

Field Service


Grow beyond the limits of your basic dispatching software. Dynamics 365 Field Service is an all-in-one business management solution that's easy to use and adapt, helping you connect your business and make smarter decisions.



Optimize and Accellerate Business Growth

Elevate supply chain management, optimize performance, streamline manufacturing and supply chain, and

harness the power of data to drive profit forward decisions and improve efficiency

with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.

Proactive Maintenance

Track Customer Assets

Optimize Resource Scheduling (RSO)

Improve Customer Experience

Empower Field Technicians

Setup & Assign Resources


Preventive Maintenance

Continue business with customers by having maintenance agreements. It's fast and easy with a preset schedule.

  • Maintenance Schedule

  • Continuous Revinue

  • Maintain Customer Relationships

  • Prevent Bigger Problems

  • Create Agreement Templates

Improve Forecasting

Refine financial forecasts by modeling and analyzing data across multiple dimensions. Customize reports using seamless Microsoft Excel integration.

  • Detect and Diagnose Problems More Efficiently

  • Understand and Predict Peak Seasons

  • Best Times to Hire, Train, and Expand


Keep up to date and save time with saved reports. Create customized reports to track the information that's important for your business.


Make Informed Decisions

Connect your business an stay organized with scheduling, dispatch tools, and time tracking to make sure you are getting the full 360 degrees view of your business.

Dispatch's Mobile Access

Get access to information on the go with a phone or tablet with the Dynamics 365 Field Service mobile application. Track where Technicians are in the field and update them if any new information comes to light. 

feild service map.PNG


Maximize employee's time with the advanced Scheduling tool. Assign what work orders they need to do and the dedicated time to do so all within an easy to use drag and drop tool. Stop double work and keep scheduling costs down. 

Resource Management

This lets you keep track of what resources are available, keep track of what certifications each technician has to make sure you assign the right one to the right job. Lastly, keep information on what tools technicians have with them when in the field to know if they have what they need for the jobs assigned to them.

Resource options.PNG


Work Online or Offline

Technicians in the field may not always have internet connection but with Dynamics 365 field service they don't always need it. If the tech doesn't have an internet connection when changes are made the app will automatically sync to the server when the technician does get an internet connection. Administrators can set the app to sync when it launches, when information changes, or every few minutes.


Available Sections  

Technicians in the field can access Dashboards, Accounts, Bookable resources, Contacts, Customer assets, Products, Agreements, Time off requests, Map, and Calendar.




(Requires Microsoft HoloLens)

Modernize Field Service

Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist to connect and collaborate using hands-free video calling, mixed-reality annotations, and file sharing.


Remote Expert

Have an expert anywhere to help if needed, they can see what a technician see's and talk the technician through the next steps, without having to come out to the field. Cut down on wait time for the technician and customer with real-time inspections done through a video call. 


Remote Visualization

Visualize and space new equipment on production floors and how it will integrate with other machines. Let customers see what products will look like and if they are the right fit before purchasing.



Automated Scheduling

Automatically scheduling the majority of requirements saves time and empower dispatchers to focus on exceptions and billing. Dispatchers to manage more resources, enabling the business to scale.


Reduced Cost and Improve Efficiencies

Fitting more appointments into working hours drives revenue and reduces overtime costs. Matching work orders and technician skillsets reduce the cost of lost appointments.


Resource Scheduling Optimization

This add-on evaluates routes and automatically schedules bookable records to minimize travel time and maximize working hours and more.