Artistic Skill In Technology

Beacon Grace – Rediscovering the Phenomenal Power of Applying Artistic Skill in Technical Supply Chain Solutions (written by my dear friend Victor)

If you’ve ever been around artists, you know very well that they can produce a life-like image of a horse from virtually anything: scrap metal, sand, oil paints, oil, broken bottles, water (yes, water)…

It would be INSANE to think that such unbounded artistic creativity cannot be applied in technical fields. Actually, it already has. Just think of how many different ways you can communicate with people today: books, telephone, SMS, internet, television, radio… And that’s not even considering the countless variations in message iterations.

In fact, an overwhelming majority (approximately 80 percent) of scientists and engineers surveyed in a 2011 studyaffirmed that a background in arts and crafts education is either useful or even essential for scientific innovation. You can easily see this in practice from the renown Nobel Prize winners who, compared to the average scientist, have a 15-25 times greater likelihood of engaging in crafts, fine arts or performing arts.

Considering the highly effective service delivery of Beacon Grace, LLC services, which deliberately enhances its technical supply chain solutions with the artistic ability of its skilled team, the immense benefit of this art-and-science balance is clearly visible.

Why a Combination of Artistic Skill and Technical Ability is Better Than Purely Technical Ability

In order to deliver a seamlessly flowing dynamic system from supplier to consumer, effective supply chain management is required, ranging from rigorous supplier performance assessment to diligent inventory planning. Technology plays a pivotal role here and the complexity of the data can be overwhelming.

Due to the mind-boggling complexity, many business fall into a rut of barely getting things done, instead of getting things done in the best way possible. Moreover, purely technical-minded personnel tend to abide by set guidelines and processes that are often overtaken by rapidly changing business environments.

This is where valuable artistic ability comes in to deliver creative problem solving, which mitigates rising costs and properly manages risks. You may not be aware, but there’s a mind-boggling array of artistic abilities that go into creating a classical musical rendition or just a simple caricature in your local daily (this may just be a chip off the iceberg):

– kinesthetic and empathetic understanding of data and experiments – transforming data into graphical and/ or visual forms – deriving mechanical procedures from theories – imaging and visualization – invention and recognition of pattern – body/ kinesthetic thinking – observation – abstracting – analogizing – modeling – dimensional thinking – familiarity with tools – manual dexterity

Example of the Artistic Peak Shift Principle Applied in Business Analysis, Solution Testing and Defect Tracking

V.S. Ramachandran and William Hirstein produced a very enlightening study on “The Science of Art”, published in the 1999 Journal of Consciousness Studies. The peak shift principle, one of the Eight Laws of Artistic Experience identified in the study, can be immensely powerful when applied in technological fields.

With the peak shift principle, an artistic mind would be extraordinarily capable of quickly identifying aspects that stand out from the rest. It’s this principle that enables artists to view an object only once and still draw an exact replica, hours later.

This would be immensely valuable in defect tracking, process improvement and solution design of systems implemented in business. Considering the complexity of supply chain management systems, which involve so many parameters and variables, it would be very useful if the business analyst had a knack for identifying errors that may not be easily seen by just any person.

Becky Willard, founder of Beacon Grace LLC, understands this all too well and deliberately seeks to tap into the artistic and creative mind of her highly skilled technical team, to quickly come up with supply chain solutions that might take years of research in a conventional lab. This is a key ingredient behind the extraordinary ability of Beacon Grace, LLC services to deliver highly effective technology and business support solutions for supply chain entities.

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