Beacon Grace Expands Offerings in Response to Talent Shortage

March 11, 2019

The supply chain industry, which includes manufacturing, retail, and logistics, is experiencing what Forbes refers to as a “severe talent shortage that threatens those companies’ very livelihoods” ( April 17, 2018.) In response to this shortage, Beacon Grace has expanded their offerings to focus on a 360-degree business and operations solutions source. Beacon Grace is a supply chain technology and professional services consulting firm based in Hagerstown, MD.

All expansions are part of Beacon Grace’s aim to assist their industry in coping with a smaller workforce by working more efficiently with technology, and more skilled workers.

Phase I expansion has focused on several key strategies: Security focused Cloud Solutions, End-to-End Business Productivity, End to End Integrated Business Applications and Operational Solutions, and Affordability.

Several notable offerings include:

  • Integrated business productivity solutions.

  • Integrated VOIP and Conferencing tools to bring native collaboration with remote teams and remote staff.

  • Integrated Manufacturing, Warehousing, Service, Sales and Marketing, and Retail solutions.

  • LTL Transportation Management Solution that is at no cost to our customers, paid through shipping savings generated by contracted volume discounts.

  • Financing Solutions to support business modernization, business expansion, and equipment leasing.

  • Cloud based SAAS (software as a service) Financial ERP solutions. Through a new partnership with Stratos Cloud Alliance, Beacon Grace’s project staffing resources and technical resources have been greatly expanded. They now offer two of the top Cloud ERP solutions—Microsoft Dynamics 365 (“Business Central” and “Finance and Operations”) and Oracle Netsuite.

These expanded solutions are added to Beacon Grace’s existing services of Strategic Planning and Consulting, Assessments, Project Implementation and Professional Services, and Managed Contracted Services.

In addition to the staffing resources previously mentioned, Beacon Grace provides Workforce Retention, training, and Executive Recruiting solutions. Beacon Grace, also, continues to advocate for apprenticeship and other training programs that support a more skilled workforce. Beacon Grace owner and CEO Becky Willard remarks, “As we enable organizations to become more efficient and surviving with fewer workers, I am proud to also support the movement of up-training our existing workforce and enabling them to have better, higher paying jobs.”

Beacon Grace is located at the Technology Innovation Center at Hagerstown Community College. They can be reached at 240-329-9400. Their website is

A final word from Becky Willard:

“In our efforts to provide 360-degree business and operations solutions, we are already working on our next expansion phase. Stay tuned to additional updates.”

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