Beacon Grace: What's In A Name?

"Beacon Grace"

I’ve had numerous people ask where I came up with the company name “Beacon Grace”.   As there are many layers to a project, there also contains layers of meaning behind this name – professionally, personally, and spiritually.

  • Professionally — When you are in the storm of a project, it is relief to have a beacon of guidance through the project.

  • Personally — The name is also a nod to my dad who passed a few years ago.  He had a company that contained, in part, the name “Beacon”.  And, he wanted me to name my daughter “Grace”.  And, my grandmother’s middle name was “Grace”.

  • Spiritually — With the grace, and blessings, of God, I was able to start this business.  And, with the grace, and blessings, of God, we will be successful with this business for many years to come.