Tales of an ERP Implementation

I recently read an article series titled “Tales of an ERP Implementation” (Part I and Part II).  I’ve been involved with over 30 full software implementation projects throughout my career.  The experiences of Jelly Belly (the focus of these articles) is not uncommon.  Actually, as I read through both articles, I continued to identified with what I have seen and experienced over the years.  What I read in this series really helps clarify the philosophy I hold today.  Technology can not be implemented in a bubble.  Technology implementations should consider other aspects in order to be truly successful.   Some of the factors that I believe play a key role to success can include:  People (Teams & Individuals – culture, expectations, attitude approach, etc); Change Management; Policies & Procedures; Business Strategies; Business Goals; Supporting Systems (technical & non-technical);  End Customers; and countless more contributing factors.    In my experience, software vendors typically keep their focus on their systems and technology and let it up to the business to deal with with the rest.  But, what if… What if they are not prepared to deal with the changes across their organization?  … Beacon Grace is a different kind of technology project partner. Beacon Grace, and its team, focuses on how to make your business successful through true integration (and harmony) with technology.

If you have not yet read the article series “Tales of an ERP Implementation”, I am happy to share them with you here:

Tales of an ERP Implementation Part I

Tales of an ERP Implementation 

Tales of an ERP Implementation

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