Top 10 Strategic CIO Issues for 2016

Oracle’s Bob Evans recently wrote a great article in Forbes….Check out the article here.

Although this article is “spot-on”, I have to raise an impacting issue.  If the executive leadership (CEO, COO, CFO, etc), middle management, and the company culture resists the quickly changing technology based business environment, their business will suffer and may even fail.  Even one link to the leadership chain can have a negative impact.

As an example, let me share with you how a business’s ways of working can prevent true omni-channel implementation or other business growth opportunities.  When an organization is silo’d into different departments having their own budges, I have seen where these mini-organizations can sabotage the overall business goals and strategies through their decisions that ultimately preserves their department. They are holding onto their traditional ways resisting change.  These types of situations can cripple a company’s opportunity to grow and stay competitive in this highly competitive world.

Beacon Grace helps guide CIO’s, CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s, middle management into taking a holistic approach to technology and business.  Let us work together in finding opportunity to integrate your business with technology to improve profits, mitigate risks, and stay current in a quickly changing time.

Don’t run your business like this. Stay competitive and embrace what technology can do for you.

Food for thought… What cell phone do you carry?