by Beacon Grace

Create An Extension For Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud (Standard)


Create Extension in Sandbox; 1 page 2-5 format or view changes; Promote to Production; 1 Revision.


Design an Extension in a Sandbox environment and promote changes into the Production environment.  This/These change(s) are company-wide and not individual personalization.

Each package assumes the changes are formatting or view changes based on existing Business Central data fields.  Changes may include:

LIST VIEW:  Add existing fields as a new column, remove existing column, format columns

CARD PAGES:  Add existing field as new page value, remove fields from an existing page, re-arrange / format fields on an existing page.

OTHER PAGES: Add existing fields as a new column, remove existing column, format columns.

Approvals of the Extension will need to be approved in the Sandbox environment prior to promoting changes to Production.  If revisions are needed, they must be specified at this approval step.

Administrative support access is required to begin working on all purchased packages.

Some changes require data or transaction condition setup.  A Sandbox, with a copy of your production data, will help in data setup.  If extensive data setup is needed, and you choose not to set it up, you may purchase additional customization hours.

(Standard) Create an Extension for Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud

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